The Global Fundraising Stage (GFRS) empowered by the WBAF Angel Investment Fund

The Global Fundraising Stage (GFRS) is an international co-investment platform for investors, startups, scaleups and high-growth businesses which are aiming to globalise by raising funds from qualified investors.

• The GFRS aims to create a high-quality portfolio with some of the world’s most promising startups, scaleups and, at the same time, create co-investment opportunities and follow-on investments. The GFRS also connects top startups with the best angel investors, making it possible for the startups to benefit not only from the investment but also the know- how,mentorship and networking of qualified investors.

• The GFRS is designed to capitalise on the worldwide growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing for startups and scaleups and to capitalise on WBAF’s extensive network of global investors, which includes angel investors, private equity funds, co-investment platforms, wealth management institutions, family offices, VCs and acceleration centres.

• The 2021 Global Fundraising Stage is supported by the WBAF Angel Investment Fund (see Part B for details) , which aims to invest in startups of the GFRS 2021. It will provide a unique opportunity to 100 selected startups and scaleups to pitch their businesses on WBAF’s Global Fundraising Stage at its virtual World Congress on 15 – 21 February 2021. [It is important to note that the WBAF Angel Investment Fund is only one of many investors and investing institutions that will be present at the GFRS 2021.]

• The mission is to showcase the world’s top startups and scaleups, which, typically, are funded companies in the process of raising €50K – €3M, with the aim of globalizing.

GFRS 2021

We are allocating a special area within the virtual World Congress of Angel Investors 2021 where 100 startups, scaleups, and high-growth businesses will each have a virtual stand area to showcase their business. They will thus have exposure to highly qualified angel investors, family office executives, co-investment fund managers, angel investment group directors, corporate venture executives, accelerator executives, technopark investment directors, venture capitalists and members of the WBAF Executive Investment Committee of the WBAF Angel Investment Fund.

If you are an entrepreneur or an institution such as a technopark, incubation centre, co-working centre, or accelerator who would like to promote deals across borders and who is looking for additional rounds of funding or new partners for international growth, we encourage you to learn more about how your business can benefit from this unique opportunity.

Who should apply

There are two types of entrepreneurs on the GFRS 2021 and applications from both categories are welcome.

Startups: Promising businesses that have not yet raised any outside capital from angel investors, venture capital firms or other formal  sources of seed funding who are seeking a finance. They need between €50K and €500K to scale up.

Scale-ups: Typically, these are companies that have received funding from angel investors or VCs and who are now raising €500K – €3M with the aim of internationalising.


Applications will be accepted online only through a special GFRS 2021 link. This link will go live on 1 December 2021. Please remember to click on ‘Submit’ to ensure your application is sent.


1 December 2021        Applications officially opens online

15 January 2021          Application deadline   

Weekly acceptance letters emailed with category designation for the 15 - 21 February 2021 WBAF 2021 and GFRS 2021